Creating AWS HTTP APIs with Cognito Authorizers Using Node.js

Today is project twelve from my Twenty Projects in Twenty Days series! Yesterday, I published Voices of COVID which is a project aimed at hearing the voices of people impacted by COVID-19. Today, I’m looking at how to create an AWS HTTP API that has JWT authorizers with Amazon Cognito and Lambda handlers written in Node.js. If you want a more in-depth look at this you can take a look back at how I did this with the Serverless Framework in this blog post.

Let’s get started!

Voices of COVID

The world feels isolating to many of us right now. It’s also presenting many with unique challenges and struggles that I’ve been feeling are overlooked and unheard at the moment. I built this next project because I wanted to try to build something to share our stories about how we’re dealing with global pandemic. It’s still very fresh, but I’m hoping to gather stories and let people listen to them together.

Project Planning with Glean Team USA

In this post, we look at a project I had planned for my Twenty Projects in Twenty Days series. Glean Team USA was a project dedicated to showcasing different opportunities for gleaning - or getting free food from farmers who can’t pick or sell it themselves. With any substantive new project I take on though, I went through a research and planning phase that yielded some unexpected results! Let’s take a look at the planning and design process and what happened.

As a spoiler, this is a post about the project planning process and doesn’t actually contain any code! If you really want to see some more code check out my other projects in this series!