Project Planning with Glean Team USA

In this post, we look at a project I had planned for my Twenty Projects in Twenty Days series. Glean Team USA was a project dedicated to showcasing different opportunities for gleaning - or getting free food from farmers who can’t pick or sell it themselves. With any substantive new project I take on though, I went through a research and planning phase that yielded some unexpected results! Let’s take a look at the planning and design process and what happened.

As a spoiler, this is a post about the project planning process and doesn’t actually contain any code! If you really want to see some more code check out my other projects in this series!

Adding SNS Event Destinations as Alerts for your Serverless Applications

Welcome to project 7 of my twenty projects in twenty days series series!

This project will look at an easy way to setup some failure notifications on your Lambda functions. When you’re trying to do this there are a lot of options. You can use CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms tied to SNS topics, CloudWatch Log Subscriptions, and a variety of other custom third party tools. But if you want a relatively simple way to get a log of failures in your inbox, you can hook your functions up with Event Destinations for failures.

Chameleon - The Color API

Today is project five in my Twenty Projects in Twenty Days series! Yesterday, I revisited Nandolytics which showed how to create a homemade analytics service. Today, we’re looking at the latest version of my Chameleon Color Scheme API. This idea has been brewing since the first version I made several years ago. To see what we’re building today, check out the live demo for yourself here! Here’s what it looks like:

Screenshot of the Chameleon demo

Doing this allows us to use a host of AWS services including Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3 and more! Let’s take a look now!