Creating Serverless Applications for Your Portfolio

After an exhausting week and a half traveling to conferences I’m back home in Seattle and have my talk and workshop content from the trip to share with you! If you’re interested in getting started with Serverless on AWS and learning how to add serverless applications to your development portfolio you should take a look!

Serverless Application Patterns - Indexing Searchable User-Generated Content

Searchable content is a common component of many modern applications. But for applications that rely on a streams of new user-generated content how can we create a system that reliably and rapidly indexes searchable content and also provides ways to update, and act on changes to that data later on? This post will show you an architecture that can accomplish this using AWS services like Lambda, API Gateway, S3, Systems Manager Parameter Store, and DynamoDB. We’ll also use the third party provider Algolia for search.

You Pay Too Much for EC2

I’m about to tell you something ridiculous. You might be paying 70% or more on EC2 than you need to be. With a combination of Spot and Reserved Instances you can dramatically lower your EC2 bill on AWS.