About Fernando

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I’m Fernando Medina Corey - a data engineer and technical course author. I love prototyping applications with new datasets and explaining new technical concepts and tools to developers, data engineers and software architects. I also try to stay involved in my local tech scene and frequently speak and teach at meetups and events related to my interests.


I’m a top-rated Pluralsight course author, primarily in topics related to serverless development and serverless technologies. Don’t have Pluralsight? Here’s a free 10-day trial. You get access to thousands of courses including mine:

I’ve been both a student and author at Pluralsight and have loved the experience on both sides. If you’re currently taking my courses and have feedback or questions, feel free to contact me!

Technical Meetups

While I lived in Philadelphia I organized the Serverless Philly meetup which hosted talks by the creators of two serverless frameworks (Zappa and Shep), grew the membership to over three hundred, and saw regular attendance at our workshops and events.

I also taught and TAed classes on Python and the Command Line for Python User Group and Girl Develop It.

Data Engineering

As a data engineer at Curalate I helped centralize terabytes of company data across the entire organization to power reporting for business and product teams. For more details about my professional experiences you can always look at my LinkedIn. I’ve also maintained an interest in collecting and distributing interesting datasets in useful ways and most of my development projects have a data aspect to them, including many of my serverless example projects.