About Fernando

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I’m Fernando Medina Corey and here are a few things you might want to know about me.

Cloud Consulting

While I currently focus on technologies from public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, I’ve worked with a variety of different technologies in order to develop web applications, manage data pipelines, and architect cloud infrastructure. For more details about my professional experiences you can always look at my LinkedIn or GitHub profiles.

I also work with organizations who need cloud services expertise. You learn more about this on the Stormlight Consulting website.


I’ve published a variety of courses and tutorials to help software engineers, architects, and technology professionals learn the technologies they need to succeed. You can check out my courses here.


I founded and run the Redmond Python meetup. The over 500 members do things like:

  • Teach free full-day Introduction to Python workshops
  • Host regular project nights to answer Python questions
  • Schedule presentations on Python-related topics ranging from Flask to TensorFlow

I previously organized the Serverless Philly meetup which hosted talks by the creators of two serverless frameworks (Zappa and Shep), grew the membership to over three hundred, and saw regular attendance at our workshops and events.

I also taught and TAed classes on Python and the Command Line for Python User Group and Girl Develop It.