Voices of COVID

Reading time ~2 minutes

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The world feels isolating to many of us right now. It’s also presenting many with unique challenges and struggles that I’ve been feeling are overlooked and unheard at the moment. I built this next project because I wanted to try to build something to share our stories about how we’re dealing with global pandemic. It’s still very fresh, but I’m hoping to gather stories and let people listen to them together.

The Voices of COVID project is now live. It was inspired by a segment of this podcast that starts 45 minutes in that shares the stories of listeners of Intercepted. Essentially, it’s an attempt to gather and catalogue some of the stories of regular people who are impacted by the pandemic and make a place to listen to them.

If you have a story to tell, please consider recording 2-3 minutes of audio about how you’re doing during the pandemic and sharing it.

Most of the project posts I’ve done recently have been more technical. This is more of a personal request that you give feedback to me about the project as it continues to evolve.

Later this month I will do a technical follow up post describing how it’s put together for all the technically-minded folks who want to know more! In the meantime, you’re welcome to look at the code here and even open PRs with changes you’d like to see.

Thanks for listening.