Sponsorship Open Forum

Reading time ~2 minutes

Like my blog? Synergy Inc. — Still having that issue that we can solve with our product? Try fixing it using magic, dolphins, and pizzazz.

I’d like to start accepting sponsorship to this blog soon and I’d like your feedback. I think that accepting sponsorship will allow me to commit more to creating free educational content for everyone. If done correctly, I think it can be a win-win for everyone. But I want to make sure that you feel that way too.

What will it look like?

For right now, you can expect sponsorship to look like the banner you see above. A simple plain pitch with a link to learn more about the product. No flashing, scrolling, or multi-colored text or obnoxious ad boxes.

I will also always let you know upfront if I have any sponsorship arrangement with a product I am writing about.

Who will and wont be sponsoring?

You can expect to only see products that I personally use or think are useful and good products. Most likely, this means development tools and services that might be relevant to folks building their own projects.

I will always turn down requests from:

  • Products or companies I don’t think people reading this blog would be interested in
  • Anyone with a shady reputations

I’ll also be careful to listen to readers with concerns about anyone I do end up partnering with.

Give your feedback

With all this said, I’d like to hear from you if you have:

  • Suggestions on how to ensure the integrity of the blog in this process
  • Any concerns you’d like addressed moving forward

Please contact me directly or leave a comment below with your thoughts!