Creating Your First Containerized Flask Application with AWS ECS and Docker

Interested in creating and deploying your own Flask application using Docker and ECS? Well, good news, I just published a post on how you can do this. Here are the highlights:

Python Requests and Beautiful Soup - Playing with HTTP Requests, HTML Parsing and APIs

Recently, while running the Redmond Python Meetup I’ve found that a great way to get started using Python is to pick a few common tools to start learning. Naturally, I gravitated towards teaching the basics of one of the most popular Python packages - Requests. I’ve also found it’s useful to throw in using Beatiful Soup to show folks how they can efficiently interact with HTML data after getting an HTML page.

Sound interesting? Let’s look at what I typically cover - including a few basic examples of how you can use Requests to make HTTP GET and POST requests.

New AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level Preparation Course

I’m happy to annouce my newest course, the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level certification prep course.

This course is by far the largest one I’ve ever done and has a LOT of content. There are over 14 hours of videos, as well as a variety of labs, flashcards, and quizzes.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect inside one of my favorite labs: An example lab image for Step Functions

New Course - Building Serverless Chatbots with AWS Lex.

Are you interested in learning how to create your own Serverless chatbots with AWS services like Lex and Lambda? Great news! I just launched a course that’s perfect for you. You’ll build your own alerting chatbot on AWS and integrate it into a Slack organization. Here’s an example of the bot in action inside Slack:

The Lex Chatbot in Slack

Want to know more?

Here’s me (actually on camera!) talking about the course:

Redmond Python - May 2018 Introduction to Python Workshop

A few weeks ago the Redmond Python meetup I started hosted a free Introduction to Python Workshop. I had the privilege of teaching about 50 beginners as much Python as is possible to cram into a day-long workshop. I think it went pretty well:

Image of all the Redmond Python Attendees