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I’m thrilled to announce that my latest Pluralsight course is here!

A photo of a course slide with the title and my headshot

In my new course, Using the Serverless Framework on AWS with Node.js, I’ve put together an introduction to the Serverless Framework that should be suited to anyone interested in learning more about serverless tools and technologies.

The Serverless Framework is the most popular framework for building serverless applications and I’ve used it frequently myself to build a variety of fun projects. In this course I’ll take you through the essential steps you’ll need while working with the framework and show you how to build out a variety of serverless applications and services. At the end of the course we will also take a look at some of exciting new tools in the serverless space.

I hope you like it! As always, if you have questions feel free to contact me!

Don’t have Pluralsight? No worries, here’s a 10-day free trial, that should be plenty of time to watch my course and many others from some very knowledgeble authors.