Updating Route 53 Domains with awsmailman

Reading time ~1 minute

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One of my few possessions is an abundance of poorly-chosen Amazon Route 53 domain names with outdated contact addresses from moving between overpriced apartments - I am what you might call a tech typical millennial.

So I wrote a Python package called awsmailman to help do this for me and now you can use it too.

Requirements for awsmailman

  • You’ll need Python and pip.
  • You’ll need the AWS CLI
  • You’ll need an AWS CLI Profile setup with appropriate permissions to manage Route53 Domains

Install awsmailman

Just run pip install awsmailman.

Using awsmailman

Just run awsmailman and follow the prompts!

You’ll select domains from a list:

A screenshot of listed domains from the CLI tool

And fill out the new contact details: A screenshot of the prompts of the CLI tool

And when you’re done entering information the tool will have you review it and then update all the domains you selected at once!

A few quirks to note:

  • You will need to match the first and last name of the contact exactly
  • If you have multiple AWS accounts you’ll need to switch AWS profiles and then run the command again (try my script to switch AWS profiles!)

Hopefully this helps you to keep your domain contact addresses recent!