New Course Annoucement - AWS IoT the Big Picture

Reading time ~1 minute

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I’ve been so busy making my second course of 2019 that I forgot to announce my first one! A few weeks ago I finished my newest Pluralsight course, AWS IoT the Big Picture.

This course is perfect for people just getting started with IoT in general or AWS in particular. We’ll cover a vast amount of information about the unique challenges that IoT presents and how AWS IoT can help you address those issues.

Fair warning to my developer friends - this isn’t a hands on course. It’s a great way to give you a large amount of information about the AWS IoT service suite but I wont be taking you through the API calls, SDK methods, or specific demos.

If you want more demos… Well, stay tuned for my next course that currently has eight demos! I’ll be sending that your way in a few weeks!

While it doesn’t have hands-on demos, this course will have a variety of conceptual overviews of about a dozen services ranging from Amazon Greengrass:

Screenshot of the course including Greengrass software

To services that will help you make sense of all the IoT data you collect:

Screenshot of the course that showcases IoT Analytics

As always, I’d love to hear what courses, demos, and projects you’d like to see next. Leave your suggests in the comments!