2020 Yearly Review

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2020 was, well… 2020. I hope if you’re reading this you’re doing okay and pardoning my periodic disappearances as we all figure out how to handle everything the world is throwing at us. This year, I’ll be recapping my year but I’d also like to take more time to offer a few things I can share that might make 2021 easier for any of my readers.

A Few Things for You

I’ve recently put together this page of all the free things I offer to anyone following my work.

In addition to that page, I have another offer for anyone who has been struggling to find work over the last year. If you:

  1. Want someone to review your resume
  2. Need a short career coaching session
  3. Aren’t sure what to study to get that next job

I’ll be setting aside some time on weekends to help how I can. I don’t claim to be a resume expert, but my first real job was in a career counseling office and I know my way around a tech resume enough by now to give you a few pointers and catch some typos.

If you’re interested, just contact me and we can set something up. If my weekend fills up faster than expected I may end up switching to a Twitch format more consistently so I can help more folks at once.

So, What Happened in 2020!

Reached 10 Pluralsight Courses!

Early in 2020 - after some COVID-related job shakeups I decided to pick up a few more Pluralsight courses and get back into consulting again! I published four new courses and updated my AWS Lambda course. With this, I’m officially a deca-author for Pluralsight having finished 10 full courses on the platform!

If you want access to any of them on a free trial, just let me know!

Stormlight Consulting

Last year I worked more with even more clients through Stormlight Consulting on serverless application development, cloud architecture design and more. We even launched a new website this year

Photo of Stormlight Consulting website

Thank you to everyone who has worked with us!

Meetups and Workshops

A special thank you to everyone who invited me to speak at meetups and events this year!

As always, I’ve posted all the materials from my talks and workshops on my events page.


In 2020 I also had the good fortune of joining Witekio where I now work as a Lead Cloud Architect working on IoT and Cloud integrations, PoCs, and more. I’ve now officially been paid to deploy applications to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform so I think I’m officially “multi-cloud”?

As part of this job I’ve put together a few in-depth hardware/cloud integration guides:

I’m hoping to publish a few more hardware and IoT guides for you in 2021 so stay tuned!

What’s next in 2021

Apart from hoping to get out in the snow at some point, I’ve got some plans.

I’ve written a lot of serverless tutorials and projects over the years and this year I decided it’s time to write a book that helps developers get started with serverless development. If you want to get the latest updates and new chapters then keep an eye out here for more frequent updates.

This year I finally have a space to record video so while I write my book I’m also hoping to record video with it and on other topics. Give me some time though as I learn how to actually use a green screen!

As always, if you want to hear more about what I’m up to in 2021, you can sign up for my mailing list. If you’d like to give me suggestions, always feel free to let me know on Twitter!

Thanks for your support and I hope you have a good 2021!

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