Developing Flask-based Serverless Framework APIs

It’s day 2 of my Twenty Projects in Twenty Days series! Let’s look at how we can create a simple API using Python, the Flask Microframework, Amazon Web Services, and the Serverless Framework. This API will help us to manage three different entities:

  • Customers
  • Surveys
  • Responses (to the surveys)

We’ll be storing all this data inside of an Amazon DynamoDB table, making the API endpoints accessible with the Amazon API Gateway, and using AWS Lambda to interact with the DynamoDB table and manage our entities.

Tech Pay Rates revisited.

For the first installment of my Twenty Projects in Twenty Days series I wanted to take a look back at Tech Pay Rates. I started this project around the same time I started looking for fulltime work about a year ago and I think it’s a classic example of an Minimum Viable Project (not product, as I’m not selling anything here!).

The goal of the project was to help promote the trend of disclosing industry information surrounding salary in order to promote pay transparency and pay equity. To do this, I built a project to let workers post their salary information and search through other salaries. If you’d like a look, go ahead and check out Tech Pay Rates. Full disclosure, it’s been a while since I’ve advertised for it so the salaries are out of date - feel free to add your own!

So let’s look at how it was put together.

Twenty Projects in Twenty Days

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